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2010 John Deere 6230


Driven NaN miles

John Deere 6230 with 633 Loader


2010 A/C JD633 Loader,

euro headstock,

soft ride

420/85 R34 70%

340/85 R24 50%

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Product Description: John Deere 6230

Unleash the Power of Efficiency

Boosted Performance for Every Task

John deere 6230. Get ready to experience unparalleled productivity with the 2010 John Deere 6230. Designed to meet the demanding needs of modern farmers and agricultural professionals, this powerhouse tractor combines cutting-edge technology with legendary John Deere reliability.

  • Advanced 4-cylinder PowerTech engine ensures exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, allowing you to maximize productivity while minimizing operational costs.
  • 90 horsepower of raw power enables you to handle a wide range of tasks with ease, from plowing fields to hauling heavy loads.
  • Synchronized Power Reverser transmission provides seamless gear shifting, making your work smoother and more efficient.
  • High lifting capacity and powerful hydraulic system allow for effortless attachment of implements, increasing versatility and reducing downtime.

Uncompromising Comfort and Convenience

Experience the ultimate in operator comfort with the 2010 John Deere 6230. Engineered with your needs in mind, this tractor offers a range of features that ensure a fatigue-free and productive working environment.

  • Spacious and ergonomic operator station provides excellent visibility, reducing strain and enhancing safety.
  • Adjustable seat and controls allow you to customize your position for maximum comfort during long hours in the field.
  • Air conditioning and climate control system keep you cool and focused, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Intuitive control layout and user-friendly interface make operating the tractor a breeze, even for beginners.

Built to Last, Built to Perform

Invest in the 2010 John Deere 6230 and discover a workhorse that will stand the test of time. This rugged tractor is built with the highest standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring reliability and durability in the toughest conditions.

  • Heavy-duty construction and robust components guarantee long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering provide exceptional efficiency and precise control over every aspect of your work.
  • Enhanced safety features, such as Roll-Gard™ protection system and strategically placed lights, offer peace of mind during nighttime operations.
  • Backed by the renowned John Deere reputation for quality and service, you can be confident in your investment for years to come
  • Engine power: 67 kW
  • Back tyres: 480/70R34
  • Front tyres: 380/70R24
  • Transport length: 4.29 m
  • Transport width: 2.28 m
  • Transport height: 2.72 m
  • Travel speed: 40 km/h
  • Transmission: 16/16
  • Weight: 4.39 t
  • Control unit: /1 ew/dw
  • Engine manuf.John Deere
  • Engine type: k.A.
  • Emmision: Tier 3


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