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2017 Volvo V40 T2




Section 1: “Unmatched Safety Features for Your Family”

Introducing the Volvo V40 T2, a masterpiece of engineering that places your family’s safety at the forefront. With a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge safety technologies, this car ensures peace of mind on every journey. The V40 T2 boasts a reinforced steel safety cage, multiple airbags strategically positioned throughout the cabin, and advanced stability control to keep you in command even in challenging road conditions.

Your loved ones deserve the utmost protection, and the Volvo V40 T2 delivers. Its state-of-the-art collision avoidance system uses radar and cameras to detect potential hazards, warning you in advance and automatically applying brakes if needed. Furthermore, the lane-keeping aid helps you stay within your lane, reducing the risk of accidental lane departures.

Section 2: “Efficiency Redefined: Performance and Fuel Economy in One”

Embrace a thrilling driving experience while being kind to the environment with the Volvo V40 T2. Equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, this car combines performance and eco-friendliness seamlessly. The efficient turbocharged engine delivers impressive power and torque, making every drive an adventure.

The V40 T2’s automatic start-stop technology intelligently shuts off the engine when idling, conserving fuel and reducing emissions. Whether you’re commuting in the city or embarking on a road trip, this feature enhances fuel economy and reduces your carbon footprint.

Section 3: “Luxury Redefined: Craftsmanship and Comfort in Harmony”

Step into a world of luxury and comfort with the Volvo V40 T2. The interior exudes elegance, featuring premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Sink into the ergonomically designed seats, wrapped in sumptuous leather, providing optimal support during long journeys.

The cabin is thoughtfully designed to elevate your driving experience. Ambient lighting creates a soothing atmosphere, while advanced climate control ensures the perfect temperature for all occupants. With ample legroom and storage space, every passenger can relax and enjoy the ride in style.

Date of manufacture 2017-4
Kilometrage 64000
Engine 1969 cm³ 90 KW (122AG)
Fuel Petrol
Type Hatchback
Doors 4/5
Layout Front
Gearbox Mechanical
Climate control Climate control
Color White
Major defects Without defects
Steering wheel On the left
Wheel/Tyres radius R16
Seats 5


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