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2020 Yamaha Raptor 90


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2020 Yamaha Raptor 90 – Unleash the Young Adventurer

Ignite the Spirit of Adventure

Introduce your young riders to the thrill of off-road exploration with the 2020 Yamaha Raptor 90. This youth ATV is the perfect combination of safety and excitement, designed to provide an unforgettable experience for budding adventurers. Let your kids discover the joy of the great outdoors while fostering their confidence and skills aboard this dependable and stylish ride.

Safe and Easy Riding for Young Explorers

Safety is paramount, and the 2020 Yamaha Raptor 90 excels in providing a secure and comfortable ride for young explorers. The speed limiter allows you to set the appropriate speed based on their skill level, ensuring a gradual learning curve. The electric start feature simplifies the start-up process, making it effortless for kids to kickstart their adventures. With its user-friendly controls and responsive handling, the Raptor 90 offers a worry-free riding experience for both young riders and their parents.

Reliable Performance for Endless Fun

Built with Yamaha’s renowned reliability, the 2020 Raptor 90 delivers consistent performance and durability. Its 88cc engine packs enough power to conquer various terrains, from gentle trails to more challenging off-road tracks. The automatic transmission eliminates the need for manual shifting, enabling young riders to focus on honing their riding skills. With long-travel suspension, the Raptor 90 absorbs shocks and bumps, providing a smooth and comfortable ride throughout their journey.


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