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2014 JLG 1350SJP Aerial Work Platforms



  • Make: JLG
  • Model: 1350SJP
  • Year: 2014
  • Condition: used
  • Type: Aerial Work Platforms

Key Specs

  • Working Outreach: 82.1 ft / 25.03 m
  • Working Height: 142.1 ft / 43.30 m
  • Platform Height: 135.5 ft / 41.30 m
  • Platform Capacity – Restricted: 992.1 lb / 450 kg
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 507.1 lb / 230 kg
  • Horizontal Outreach: 80 ft / 24.38 m

Engines / Mods

  • Engine Hours: 336

Other Specs

Axle Oscillation 1 ft / 0.3 m
Drive Speed – 4WD 3.2 mph / 5.20 km/h
Gradeability – 4WD 45 %
Platform Capacity – Restricted 992.1 lb / 450 kg
Platform Capacity – Unrestricted 507.1 lb / 230 kg
Swing 360 Degrees
Swing Type Continuous
Turning Radius – Outside (axles extended) 19.3 ft / 5.89 m
Turning Radius – Outside (axles retracted) 22.5 ft / 6.86 m
Jib – Range of articulation 130 Degrees


Elevate Your Reach with the JLG 1350SJP Aerial Work Platform

Section 1: Unleash Your Productivity to New Heights

Unlock your potential and elevate your reach with the JLG 1350SJP Aerial Work Platform. Designed for high-performance efficiency, this cutting-edge equipment takes your productivity to new heights. With its robust features and innovative design, the JLG 1350SJP empowers you to complete tasks with unparalleled precision and speed.

Built with a powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system, the JLG 1350SJP ensures seamless operation and increased lifting capacity. Reach heights up to 135 feet effortlessly, enabling you to conquer challenging projects that were once out of reach. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to limitless possibilities with this remarkable aerial work platform.

Section 2: Safety First, Always

Your safety is our top priority. The JLG 1350SJP Aerial Work Platform is engineered with state-of-the-art safety features to provide you with peace of mind during your work. Equipped with a sturdy platform and reliable controls, this machine offers stability and ease of use, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring a secure working environment.

The intuitive control system enables precise movement, allowing you to maneuver the platform smoothly and effortlessly. With enhanced visibility and a range of safety sensors, you can confidently navigate around obstacles and work with precision in even the most demanding environments. Rest assured that the JLG 1350SJP keeps you safe as you elevate your productivity. Aerial work platform

Section 3: Unmatched Versatility for Every Project

The JLG 1350SJP Aerial Work Platform is not just a one-trick pony. It’s a versatile companion that adapts to your unique needs. Whether you’re working on construction sites, industrial maintenance, or event setup, this platform offers the flexibility to excel in various applications.

Thanks to its extendable boom and articulating jib, the JLG 1350SJP provides unparalleled reach and maneuverability. Access confined spaces, navigate around obstacles, and tackle complex tasks with ease. The platform’s versatility allows you to optimize your workflow and complete projects efficiently, saving you time and resources.


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