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DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer




Maximize Efficiency and Capacity with the DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer

Revolutionize Your Harvesting Process with Outstanding Performance

Upgrade your agricultural operations with the DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer. Designed to optimize efficiency and capacity, this exceptional trailer is a game-changer for farmers and harvesters. ┬álivestock transporter trailers. Whether you’re transporting grain from the field or delivering it to storage, the DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer will revolutionize your harvesting process, ensuring a smooth and productive workflow. Box tipper trailers

Impressive Capacity for Greater Productivity

The DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer boasts an impressive capacity that allows you to transport large volumes of grain in a single trip. Say goodbye to multiple trips and time-consuming transfers. With its spacious design and robust construction, this trailer can handle significant loads, significantly reducing your time and effort during harvest. Maximize your productivity and complete your grain transport efficiently with the DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer.

Superior Durability and Reliability

Built to withstand the demanding nature of agricultural work, the DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer excels in durability and reliability. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring a reinforced chassis, this trailer can endure heavy loads, rough terrains, and challenging weather conditions. You can rely on the DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimizing downtime during critical harvesting periods. agricultural trailers

Efficient Unloading for Seamless Operations

The DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer offers efficient unloading capabilities, streamlining your operations. With its innovative unloading mechanism, you can easily and precisely deposit grain into storage or other containers. The trailer’s well-engineered design ensures smooth and controlled unloading, minimizing spillage and maximizing the integrity of your harvest. single axle grain. Experience hassle-free unloading with the DRT 11 Tonne Grain Trailer, allowing you to focus on your farming tasks with confidence. single axle grain trailer

Year 2014, Alliance 340/65R18, 8 Stud Axles, Easy Sheet,

Grain Chute, Internal Width: 2.28m, Internal Height: 1.37m,

Internal Length: 5.2m, Hydraulic Trailer Brakes


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