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KRM Bredal K85 Lime Spreader



Product Description: KRM Bredal K85 Lime Spreader

Section 1: “Efficient Lime Application”

Achieve precise and efficient lime application with the KRM Bredal K85 Lime Spreader. This state-of-the-art spreader is designed to evenly distribute lime across your fields, ensuring optimal soil health and crop growth. Say goodbye to uneven lime distribution and embrace the effectiveness of our K85 Lime Spreader.

Key Features:

  • Large hopper capacity for fewer refills and increased productivity.
  • Precise spreading pattern for uniform lime coverage.
  • Adjustable spreading width and rate to suit different field sizes and lime requirements.

Section 2: “Revitalize Your Soil, Boost Your Yields”

Healthy soil is the foundation of a successful harvest, and the KRM Bredal K85 Lime Spreader is your key to unlocking higher yields. By maintaining proper soil pH levels with consistent lime application, you create a fertile environment that fosters robust crop growth and maximizes your agricultural potential.


  • Improved nutrient absorption for healthier plants.
  • Increased crop yield and quality.
  • Sustainable farming practices with optimized soil health.

Section 3: “Precision and Ease of Operation”

The KRM Bredal K85 Lime Spreader combines precision with ease of operation, making it a valuable asset for farmers of all skill levels. Its advanced technology and user-friendly controls allow you to have complete control over the spreading process, ensuring accurate lime application without unnecessary complications.


  • GPS-guided technology for precise lime distribution.
  • Intuitive control panel for easy adjustments.
  • Robust construction for longevity and reliability in the field.


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