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VF 710/60R42 MICHELIN XEOBIB 161D TL Michelin




Brand Michelin
Pattern XEOBIB
L/S 161D
Application Radial
Radial/diagonal Radial
Recommended rim DW25B (A)
Permitted rim MW25B (A)
Air pressure (bar) 1
Condition New

Sizes & weights

Size 710/60R42
Width (mm) 716
Diameter (mm) 1,920
Loaded radius (mm) 843
Rolling circumference (mm) 5,675
Tread (mm) 57
Weight (kg) 266.5


Section 1: Elevate Your Tractor’s Performance with Michelin XEOBIB 161D TL

Unleash the Power of Michelin Engineering

MICHELIN XEOBIB 161D TL Michelin. Experience the pinnacle of tire technology with the Michelin XEOBIB 161D TL. Designed specifically for tractors, this tire delivers unrivaled performance, durability, and versatility. Upgrade your tractor’s capabilities and take your agricultural endeavors to new heights with the XEOBIB 161D TL by Michelin.

The Michelin XEOBIB 161D TL is engineered with precision and craftsmanship to provide optimal traction, stability, car tyres, michelin tyre review and load-bearing capacity. Whether you’re plowing fields, maneuvering through muddy terrain, or hauling heavy loads, these tires ensure maximum grip and efficiency, allowing you to work with confidence and precision.MICHELIN XEOBIB 161D TL Michelin

Uncompromising Durability for Longevity

When it comes to durability, the Michelin XEOBIB 161D TL sets the benchmark. Constructed with high-quality materials and a robust design, these tires are built to withstand the rigors of demanding agricultural environments. From sharp objects to harsh weather conditions, the XEOBIB 161D TL maintains its performance and reliability, reducing the risk of downtime and costly replacements.

For all-season tires. Michelin’s tire SUV tires technology ensures exceptional puncture resistance and longevity, providing you with peace of mind and long-term cost savings. Invest in the durability of the XEOBIB 161D TL and experience uninterrupted operations throughout the seasons.

Versatility Redefined for Agricultural Excellence

The Michelin XEOBIB 161D TL tire is not just durable—it also offers unmatched versatility. With its advanced tread pattern and self-cleaning capabilities, these tires excel in various farming applications. Whether you’re working on muddy fields, gravel roads, or hard surfaces, the XEOBIB 161D TL adapts seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing soil compaction.

Furthermore, the Michelin XEOBIB 161D TL provides excellent road handling and comfort during transportation, making it an ideal choice for tractors that need to travel between different locations. Experience the convenience and adaptability that these tires offer, enhancing your productivity and overall agricultural excellence


This Michelin 710/60R42 radial agricultural tyre will meet your needs! You have thus selected a pattern depth of 57 mm and a weight of 266.5 kg. It should preferably be used with a pressure of 1 bar.


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